kellylaipply asked: "Hi. I love your Broadchurch/Rose crossover. When will there be a chapter? Love Alec/zev!"


HELLO!  First, thank you so much for reading it!  It means a lot to me that people enjoy it, puts an extra bounce in my step to be sure.

Second, the chapter is having a bit of difficulty, mainly with me trying to find time to sit down and finish it.  However, I’m hoping to have it finished in a few hours, so that it can make this evenings update.  

Third, I’m thrilled you love Alec and Zev’s relationship.  I really wanted Alec to be part of Zev’s life and for Zev to have a proper father figure once more.  Those two are quite fun to write together and I love that other people enjoy their interactions!

So yes, working on the chapter now and hope to finish it today.  

"Try not to compromise. So many people don’t do what they really want in their hearts because they feel like they’re not good enough, or they’re not smart enough, or they’re not talented enough… anything. And that doesn’t matter. In order for you to live a remarkable life — in order for you to live a life that is fulfilling — you need to be able to go after what you want. And if you don’t, you’re not going to achieve it — ever."

On Humble Pied, Debbie Millman shares three pieces of wisdom to guide the way to a remarkable life. Dive deeper with her timelessly wonderful illustrated-essay-turned-commencement-address on courage and the creative life. (via explore-blog)

Such wonderful advice!

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This original Disney-Villain-inspired song explores the Frozen film, had Elsa been the villain as originally intended!!! It’s Poor Unfortunate Souls meets Be Prepared meets Oogie Boogie meets Mother Knows Best meets Let it Go!!! I hope you enjoy!!!

Please give this a listen, it’s brilliant! :D