I drew it mounths ago, but put the text only today
You have NO IDEA how hard I ship these babies <3

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Disappearing Act

So for those wondering where in the world I disappeared to I will tell you now.

Firstly, I had a major audition for a theatre company at the beginning of this month, which went rather…….how should I say this……poorly. It was a bit of a let down, to be honest. I sort of turned into the gaming world for a bit to relieve the depression.

Secondly, I turned to gaming. Star Wars: The Old Republic for those interested in knowing. If you play hit me up, I rock out on the Ebon Hawk server with my 14 toons. I also have one on the Berenger and a European server I can’t quite remember the name of, but I mainly hang on Ebon Hawk, obviously.

Thirdly, my horrible audition led to another audition for a different theatre. I have yet to hear back from them as the recalls were just finished today, but I don’t believe I got the part. You get pretty familiar with the “thank you for coming in, you’re free to go,” statements and whether you’ll be seeing the director ever again.

Fourthly, for those reading Ever After, I am so sorry! I will be working on the next chapter on Tuesday night. Maybe after I get off work if I’m functioning properly. Seriously I never intended to leave it to this late. Forgive me.

Fifthly, for my tumblr followers, that are still following my seriously inactive blog you are amazing. Posts will return starting tomorrow, when I have time to rebuild my queue and filter through everything I’ve missed.

That is all.





This is probably the best line in the entire trilogy.

This is the best line in the trilogy.

The only good line in the trilogy.





When you quote a fictional character around a friend or family member and they don’t notice



when you quote a fictional character around a stranger or new friend and they notice



this is how i feel literally EVERY DAY

Russell T Davies on the Ninth Doctor’s death.

Doctor Who Confidential - 1.13 - The Last Battle 


i don’t think anyone understands that when i say i get secondhand embarrassment easily i mean at the first sign of trouble for a character in a television show i immediately pause and sit there for ten to thirty minutes thinking “oh god they fucked up”